Last Thursday, during our regular monthly clean up day at Mickey's Kingdom, we came across something that we were pretty sure someone was looking for. As we were picking up many, many cigarette butts in front of the park, Bobby noticed a sequined slip on shoe. Was Cinderella at Mickey's Kingdom?

We set out to find the little princess that was walking around with only one shoe. After sharing the story on air and on Facebook, I received an email from her grandma! Carolyn Fischer told us that her five-year old granddaughter, Caroline, was at Mickey's Kingdom with a friend, and came back with only one shoe.

We didn't get to meet Caroline, but her grandma told us all about her. She's quite the fashionista, and usually doesn't have shoes on anyway. She likes to dress up like Elsa, so I guess that makes her more like a queen than a princess!

Photo: Liberty
Photo: Liberty

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