During our regular monthly clean up day at Mickey's Kingdom, we came across something that we are pretty sure someone is looking for. As we were picking up many, many cigarette butts in front of the park, Bobby noticed a sequined slip on shoe. Was Cinderella at Mickey's Kingdom? That's literally how my brain thinks! But seriously, what if it belongs to a little girl named Cindy?!

Mickey's Kingdom Shoe 2

Well, that's why we are getting the word out about the little shoe. We need to find its owner. We don't know the exact time that the shoe was left behind. We found it at the entrance to the park, on this tree. We didn't want to just leave it behind, in case a prince came along and scooped it up - Ha! So, it is safe with us at the station.

If you know who is missing a little girl sandal, please have them email me: Liberty@my1053wjlt.com or you can send us a Facebook message.

We are at Mickey's Kingdom the first Thursday of every month from 9:00 A.M.-10:00 A.M. There are plenty of gloves and we have extra masks, if you want to join us next month.

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