As older folks stereotypically say "dang kids these days!"  It looks like there's another internet challenge that has different police departments on the lookout. Of course, with everything, this challenge seemed to start in good fun, but then some people took it too far.

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What are Orbeez?

To understand the challenge, you first need to know what Orbeez are.  Orbeez are these little water beads, that start out as tiny hard beads, but when you put them in water, they grow into bigger soft, waterfilled beads.  Usually, they get to be about the size of a blueberry or a little bigger.


What is the Orbeez Challenge?

To be totally honest, when I looked up the trend on Tik Tok, I couldn't find anything menacing. It was mostly people filling things like pools and their bathtubs with Orbeez.  Nothing that seemed menacing (I guess unless it wasn't their pool).  So I went to YouTube and found a different story.

According to different YouTube videos I watched from different news stations, the Orbeez challenge the Evansville Police Department is talking about is one where kids are using Orbeez to fill these splat ball guns and using them almost like a BBgun or a paintball gun.

You wouldn't think Orbeez would hurt too bad, but actually, the video below shows a poor kiddo who happened to get hit with some of these Orbeez and this poor little guy has some gnarly bruises where he was hit.

All in Good Fun Until Its Taken Too Far

It seems that this trend, as with many internet trends, started out fun, but some have taken it too far.  When I was younger, the big things were paintball guns, my brother got really into paintball, and would play every weekend. A few times I went and played too at different paintball fields in the area and it was a lot of fun. However those little suckers packed a punch when they would hit you, but the difference between this and what's happening with Orbeez, are the people getting hit with the Orbeez aren't willing participants, which isn't cool.

Evansville Police Department Make a Statement

Evansville Police Department took to Facebook to warn the community of the Orbeez Challenge and to remind people that actions have consequences, and if you shoot someone with one of these Orbeez and hurt them, it could mean charges.

Our department was made aware of a TikTok challenge, the Orbeez Challenge. This trend is the result of a toy gel-ball gun that shoots ‘Orbeez.’ Orbeez are gel beads that expand in water. These Orbeez can vary in sizes from pea size to half the size of a grape.
If Orbeez are being shot at unintended people, or someone becomes injured as a result of the Orbeez, criminal charges could occur. Please use caution if you or someone you know are using these toy guns.
So be smart and have fun with your friends if you want, but don't go around shooting unsuspecting people with Orbeez.  Or anything really.

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