2020 has been a rough one on just about everyone, and White Swan Coffee Lab on Franklin Street is no exception.  They're currently asking for the community to help back them in a Kickstarter campaign so they can purchase the building they're currently in.

Back when the pandemic hit the U.S. hard and many things were shut down, White Swan Coffee Lab saw a 60% loss in sales from February to April.  Unfortunately many businesses saw a similar impact from the shut downs.  The good news is the community can come together and help White Swan Coffee Lab out!

Here's what their Kickstarter says:

During the course of this crowdfunding project we'll surpass 5 years serving coffee and hosting community events in Evansville.  Five years feels like a big deal.  In our time we've had the pleasure of befriending people across every spectrum of Evansville's society, and these relationships are what have driven us to try to remain through the times that we've all been facing.

From February to April we saw 60% of our sales disappear and, without your support, we would've been forced to close already.  This amazing community of friends and neighbors and caffeine addicts have saved our little shop more than you could know.

Now we face a new obstacle. Our home on Franklin Street is up for sale, and we need your help all the more.

With over 6500 people in our rewards and loyalty program, if everyone were to pledge at least $25, we could reach our goal to raise enough funds to cover the down payment.  We don't ask this lightly, and wouldn't ask at all if it weren't for the encouragement of many of you.  This is a big goal and a big project, but we felt we owed it to you all to make every effort to remain.

We have already made an official offer and it has been accepted pending financing.  This is our hurdle. Please join us as we take this leap.

If you can help them out, make a donation to their Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.  One thing I can say about the Tri-State is when one of our own is in need of help, the Tri-State tends to show up in a big way!

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