My grandson, Roman is Indiana's youngest Philadelphia Eagles fan....maybe.  

This lil' guy is wearing the coolest Eagles bib!

Youngest Eagles Fan, Roman 6 mo. - Deb's grandson
Youngest Eagles Fan, Roman 6 mo. - Deb's grandson

He obviously doesn't realize he's the youngest fan ever, but, his mother, Jaclyn, has been a fan forever.  She never switched teams to cheer for the Colts (like I did) when we moved here in the '90's from York, Pennsylvania.

Baby Roman has some stylish Eagles bibs, onesies, t-shirts, socks, and more that he wears on a regular basis leading up to the Super Bowl!

Why follow the Eagles?  Jaclyn's Dad was born in Philadelphia and had been an avid Eagles fan all his life.  So, to this very day, Jaclyn and my son, Eric have always followed the Eagles like their father.

So, I'm guessing there aren't too many (Life-long) Eagles fans around here, and that's why my grandson, Roman, is the youngest Eagles fan in the state of Indiana!  Unless, of course, you let us know that you have a baby that's younger than 6 months old and is also an Eagles fan. If so, let us know!

My family will be cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII this Sunday against the New England Patriots.  Go EAGLES!  E-A-G-L-E-S!

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