When I think about some of my antics from back in the day, it's no surprise that I ended up in radio. I guess I like making people laugh (or attempting to) and I like getting attention.

One such antic occurred on the school bus. Apparently the movie Sixteen Candles was fresh in my brain, because I thought it would be a good, funny idea to recreate a memorable scene. I don't remember if any of my classmates laughed, but I do remember that the bus driver was not amused. I ended up getting kicked off the bus for three days. That meant me and Mama G got to share some quality time while she drove me to school. She was absolutely NOT thrilled.

So, what did I do that deserved a few days away from the bus? Check out the video below to find out. And a big thanks to our St. Jude rep Abbi for lending an understanding ear to my confession.

She is one of the iconic and successful pop artists ever. Before there was Beyonce, Gaga or Taylor, there was JANET (Miss Jackson if you're nasty)!

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