Has it already been four weeks? Is it really my turn to enter the cubicle for another confession? Wow, time flies when you're not looking forward to bearing your soul again. My confession today has to do with Asian food - not so much the food itself, but more so the process of actually getting it from my plate and into my mouth.

Since the rest of the world is now closer than ever, it is so much easier for us to learn more about different cultures, and I feel like these days, more and more people use chopsticks to eat their Asian food. I, however, am not one of those people. I've tried them before, but never really got the hang of it, and I am certainly not patient enough to fumble my way through a meal with them. When that delicious food shows up at my table, I want to eat it right then and there, and as quickly as I can. And when it comes to sushi, I already have a set of perfectly good chop sticks attached to my hands - they're called fingers, and they get the job done every time.

I'm usually pretty embarrassed, or ashamed of the things I confess in the cubicle, but not this time. I'm okay with not using chop sticks, although I sometimes feel a bit of pressure to use them when I'm at an Asian restaurant. I feel like society is telling me that in 2020 we should all be able to wield chop sticks like a pro. To be fair, no one has ever said that or even implied it - this is all in my head. Maybe that means that, deep down, I am ashamed. Well, crap!

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