It's hard to believe Christmas is already over and we're counting down to the new year. I always forget how much build up there is to the Christmas season and then like that, it's over.  One of my favorite Christmas traditions is picking out the perfect tree to put up in my home, until the new year. Unfortunately one of the bad parts about buying a real tree every year is you have to dispose of it, because, it's a plant and dies.

Real Christmas trees are gorgeous, but once Christmas is over, their needles really start to drop and they can be a bit of a pain.  Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities have their annual tree disposal service going on now through January 15th.

Here's what EWSU's Facebook post says about Christmas tree disposal:

EWSU will offer the annual Christmas tree disposal service starting Monday, December 28, through Friday, January 15, 2021. Republic Services will pick up Christmas trees on the same day as the regular trash service for three weeks. Trees should be placed next to the trash cart. The service is for city residents only who pay for their trash and recycling with their monthly water and sewer bill. It is not available to apartment complexes, mobile home communities or retail/commercial businesses.

Of course you'll need to remember to take off all of your tinsel, lights, and ornaments too.  It's always kind of sad to throw out the Christmas tree, but my vacuum cleaner is always a big fan of when the real tree is done!

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