'Miracle' is not a word I like to throw around casually, but I'm finding it really difficult to find a better word to describe BLUE's story. Another word I would use is unbelievable, as in a literally can't believe the before and after pictures of this beautiful dog. Even as I'm writing this, there is still a tiny bit of doubt in my mind that the pictures are of the same dog. It is truly a miraculous and unbelievable recovery that has happened over the past few months.

In case you are unfamiliar with BLUE, here's is a brief recap of her situation. BLUE was found back in early September. She was almost hairless and severely sunburned. Honestly, she didn't even look like a dog. She had wounds all over her body, and her nails were so overgrown that it hurt for her to walk. She was picked up and brought to the Vanderburgh Human Society (VHS) where she began the long road to recovery.

BLUE received months of care from the VHS medical team along with a ton of love from volunteers and fosters. The once nervous and painful puppy (she's actually a senior dog) was transformed into a confident, joyful, and energetic dog. The dog that could barely walk now runs and jumps and plays every day.

The previous paragraph by itself would be an amazing end to BLUE's story, but it gets even better. The best news ever is that BLUE has been adopted and will welcome 2022 with her forever family.

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The VHS wants to thank everyone that helped get BLUE to where she is today. Stories like hers (well, maybe not exactly like hers) happen every day at the VHS, and that's only possible because of generous donations. If you would like to donate before the end of the year, you can do so at the VHS online donation portal.

Before and After Pictures of Dog's Miraculous Recovery

BLUE's transformation is nothing short of miraculous and we have the pictures to prove it. And her story just got even better - BLUE has finally been adopted!

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