There's no doubt that I love me some 80's music...our Feel Good 80's Weekends are one of my favorite things we do on MY105.3. As much as I enjoy that music and the memories it inspires, it does not fill the top spot in my heart - that spot belongs to music from the 90's, more specifically, R&B music from the 90's.

I really became a fan of R&B and Hip-Hop during my high school years ('89-'93), and one of my favorite artists from that time was Tevin Campbell. Of all the CD's I've owned over the years, two of my absolute favorites belong to Mr. Campbell. I think I was drawn to him because I felt like I could identify with him - he was kinda like one of my peers. Tevin was born in 1976 (a year after me) and he was just 15 years old when he released his debut album T.E.V.I.N. That album which was such a big chunk of the soundtrack of my high school experience. His second album, I'm Ready, came out in 1993, when I was a freshman in college - and I absolutely wore that thing out.

The biggest hit from that album was track #1, a sweet, mid-tempo love song called "Can We Talk" (written by the legendary Babyface, btw). If you lived on campus at the University of Southern Indiana during that time, it's very possible that you heard me belting out that song, either driving around in my car, or hanging out in my apartment. I just couldn't get enough of it! I still can't help but sing along if I hear it today. That's why I was compelled to share this video.

This young man reminds me of me back in the day. He's just chillin' in the back seat, enjoying a beautiful day and singing along with Tevin. Not only am I impressed that he even knows this song, but I'm also impressed by his voice. Trust me, I know how tough it is to keep up with Tevin, and this kid is absolutely doing it. No doubt about it, this kid is being raised right, and considering some of the crap that young people listen to these days (I sound so old!), this gives me hope for the future.

For a proper comparison, here is the original, sung by Tevin himself. I'll just be over here, singing along my dang self!

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