Let me share the story of a sweet little girl who was so excited to meet the Grinch in person, until it came time to actually meet the Grinch in person. We've all seen it happen countless times, a kiddo gets so excited to meet their favorite characters, but then that excitement turns into to a bit of anxiety and maybe even some fear once they come face to face with that character. It's totally understandable, to a small child, this characters can be pretty intimidating, especially if you're talking about the Grinch.

The young girl in our story wanted to show the Grinch her copy of his story, but as she got closer, she decided maybe she wasn't ready to meet the big green guy, so she and her mom turned and started walking away. Next thing you know, the Grinch hears a little voice saying his name. That's when he turns to see the young girl, overcoming her fear and walking his way with book in hand. She gives the book to the Grinch, saying she wanted him to have it so he can read the story to other kids. That big gesture from that little girl reached through all of that thick green fur and touched the Grinch's heart. The green guy is not afraid to admit that he teared up a little bit that day. And is it just me, or does that little girl (pictured above) actually kind of look like little Cindy Lou Who?

This touching encounter happened at an appearance from the Grinch and Deputy of Gibson County. The duo has created a Facebook page and are spreading Christmas cheer while raising awareness and money for the Salvation Army. Next up, you can see the Grinch and the Deputy this Friday, December 18th at Patriot Chevrolet from 5pm-7pm, and then again on Saturday, December 19th at the Walmart in Princeton from 6pm-8pm.

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