Picking where you want to go to college is already a tough choice.  Then throw in the fact that you can’t even visit the places you would like to attend.  Makes things a bit more difficult, right?  Luckily, the University of Southern Indiana is giving potential students the chance to visit the campus and learn more about the university; even though the campus has been closed during the pandemic.

How are they doing this you ask?  First off, no, it won’t be a digital or online tour.  The university will be offering driving tours for potential students and their families.  Students can learn all about USI without having to get out of their cars.

The way these driving tours will work is that university staff members will lead a group of cars (up to five) around campus while using Zoom to interact with potential students.  So, it’s almost like a normal tour with a few different details added on.  What else is cool is that tours can be modified according to the interests that students may have academically.

Rashad Smith, Executive Director of Enrollment, had this to say about these new tours.

“This is a very unique offering, and one we haven’t seen replicated elsewhere in the country.   Our highest priority is the safety and well-being of our campus community and our prospective students and their families. These driving tours are a great way to showcase our beautiful facilities and connect with visitors while maintaining social distancing and protecting those at risk.”

I think this is such a good idea.  Going on college tours was something I always enjoyed when I was narrowing down my options for schools to attend.  It’s good to see that USI is still finding ways to show potential students what the university has to offer them.

Driving tours will be offered Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. with some Saturday dates available as well.  For more information on the driving tours and how to reserve one, you can do that here.

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