The All-Pet Emergency Clinic recently received a major renovation and celebrated a grand re-opening. The clinic has been saving Tri-State pets for 20 years and it now looks better than ever!

Much like an emergency room for humans, the All-Pet Emergency Clinic is the place to go when your normal vet is closed...evenings, overnights, weekends and holidays. The clinic is located on the corner of Hiedelbach and John Street (104 S. Heidelbach).

A few years ago, we had to take our doggy (Max) to the clinic after he got ahold of bottle of the kid's medicine. It was late at night and we thought Max might die. Luckily he did not! The clinic kept him for a day and then helped inform our normal vet on how to continue the treatment. They saved our dog!

They have saved countless animals over the past 20 years, and now with twice as much space, they will be able to save twice as many more.

While editing this video I noticed that I said the same few words many times. Apparently I like to say "OK" "Yeah" "Gotcha" and "Wow". Which word do you think I say the most in the video? Here's a hint, I say three of those words the same number of times and one of those words one extra time.

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