It's time to break out your fanciest hats and raise your mint julep for the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky.


Churchhill Downs has invested more than $200 million dollars in upgrades for the area where the horses get ready to race. There will also be more money for the Derby winner. Oh, and it is the 150th running, so it will no doubt be a magnet for celebrities.

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Why do Celebrities Love the Kentucky Derby?

The horse race only lasts 2 minutes, but like they say, it is "The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports". Louisville will be full of spectators including a pretty impressive list of celebrities that are expected to be at Derby events.

  • Fashion: The Kentucky Derby is a chance for celebrities to show off their style and dress up in their best attire.
  • Socializing: Many celebrities attend the event to network and make connections in the entertainment industry.
  • Tradition: The Kentucky Derby is steeped in tradition, and many people, including celebrities, enjoy being a part of that history and all of the glamour.
  • Betting: The Kentucky Derby is one of the biggest horse racing events in the world, and many celebrities enjoy betting on the horses, and waging bets against other celebrities.
Kentucky Derby
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The Derby is an exciting event that offers celebrities a chance to dress up, socialize, participate in tradition, and even place bets on the races. It's no wonder why so many famous people flock to this event every year. Plus, there are charity events and special shows with some pretty big names on the list for 2024.

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20 Celebrities Expected to Attend The 2024 Kentucky Derby

There are so many VIP events leading up to the most exciting 2 minutes in sports, Louisville, KY will be crawling with celebrities.

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