One of my favorite things to do is finding trails and going on hikes.  Now, I'm not an experienced hiker by any means, but I do enjoy when the weather is nice (that's a key factor right there) taking a day and going for a hike. I'm always looking for fun trails to go on within a short driving distance, so I was pretty excited when one gorgeous trail came across my Facebook newsfeed.

Where to Next? is a blog run by Sarah Marcrum, she's from Southern Indiana, and she loves travelling around to different hiking trails in the area. She recently made a post about a trail called Yellow Birch Ravine right around Taswell, Indiana. A quick Google search told me that Taswell is only 1 hour and 11 minutes from Evansville, perfect for a day trip! She referred to the trail as one of her best kept secrets. Check out Sarah's stunning photos from the trail below! If you would like to follow along on more Southern  Indiana adventures, Sarah has a ton of them on her Facebook page, Where to Next!

Gorgeous Hiking Trail in Indiana is One Hour Away From Evansville

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