There are many great attractions throughout Indiana, whether you're looking for something historical, relaxing, exciting, or anything in between. You can find quirky roadside attractions, manmade attractions for just about any interest, and attractions that put Mother Nature front and center. Could you pick just one attraction and say it's the best in the Hoosier state? According to one "less than scientific" study, Indiana's best attraction is located on the very northern edge of the state.

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Lake Michigan sunset. Great clouds.
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A fella named Matt Shirley, aka @mattsurelee asked his more than 420,000 Instagram followers (I told you it wasn't scientific) to name the best attraction in their state. I'm not sure how many people commented about Indiana, but the "winning" answer ended up being Indiana Dunes National Park. Do you agree?
Stretching along 15 miles of the southern shore of Lake Michigan, this national park offers an incredible diversity of habitats and visitor experiences. Beyond the sandy beaches, explore rugged dunes, quiet forests, and tranquil wetlands along 50 miles of hiking trails. World-class birding and over 1,100 native plant species make this 15,000-acre park among the most biologically rich in the nation.

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Indiana Dunes is located way up north at 1215 IN-49, in Porter, Indiana. Just start heading north - if you drive into Lake Michigan you've gone too far, but not by much. Even though it is just about as far away as you can get from Evansville and still be in Indiana, it seems like visiting the Dunes might be worth adding to your Hoosier bucket list. I imagine there are quite a few other attractions you could stop and see along the way.

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