The one and only statue celebrating the famous world detective Sherlock Holmes is located in a small town in Illinois, but it may look a bit different.

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Located in Chester Illinois, the Holmes statue is not the only one in the small town. Throughout the small town, you will see Popeye statues that's because the creator of the cartoon character is from Chester, Illinois. So when you go see the Holmes statue you will see others all over town, and when you get up close to the Holmes statue you might see something different.

Yes, the statute is that of the world-famous detective, but if you look really really close you will see that the face is not his. The face is of  Elzie Segar, the creator of Popeye. Now, this statue was unveiled in 2019 so why does it have Seger's face and not Holme's? Well, Segar was a HUGE Sherlock Holmes fan, and when it came to celebrating Seagar's 125th birthday the statue was revealed having him dressed as the famous detective.

Ever since 2006, the town of Chester reveals a new statue from the Popeye cartoon and currently has 17 statues featuring several different characters from the cartoon. Including Wimpy, Olive, Bluto, and more. It's the town's hope to increase tourism by adding a statue each year. It's called the Popeye Trail and you can see pictures of all the statues and a map of where they are located in Chester.

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