I've worked in radio for too many years to count, and I've had a lot of crazy things happen. But what happened to me yesterday, takes the cake!

Of course, we depend on computers for basically every part of this job, except for our voice & ideas. So, what if the computer just decides to shut itself off? Usually, there is a backup method for music, like CD's. But what if there is no backup? You have to talk, until it's fixed! That's what happened to me, while I was helping out at one of our sister stations, 99.5 WKDQ!

The main computer shut itself down! Obviously, we needed to turn it back on, but the actual computer is housed in a different part of the building. So. Leslie went running for help (Thanks, Bobby G) and I was left to talk about anything and everything that popped in my head. I read birthdays from FB, talked about eating a good breakfast, coloring my hair purple...and how soft it is now, among many other random things!

I honestly don't know how long I was talking, it could've been 5 minutes or 20, but it felt like forever!! I think that's what Wayne Hart has to do during wall to wall storm coverage...Just talk until it's over LOL!



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