Embrace Your Body is a photo gallery event where women tell their body stories through photography. The Inspire Award is given to the model who exhibits an exemplery level of vulnerability through her story and photograph.

This is not an easy award to give because each women's story is important and each women put themselves out there and while it may be easy for some, this process is very vulnerable for most of the models.

The 2017 Inspire Award goes to Sammi Jo Morrow

Finding the light through darkness
Photographer: Shillawana Ruffner
Model: Sammi Morrow

At 16 I had an abortion. The pain and struggle of going through that and the avalanche of guilt is what I portrayed in my photo. I felt surrounded with shame and guilt in taking an innocent life. But there was a revival. I accepted my situation and loved myself even through the darkest times of life. Traumatic life events affect you forever. Everything doesn’t get better in an instant. A lot of who I am today stems from those months of healing myself. Even in the darkest of times, your faith is truly what leads you to the brighter pieces of life. Forgiving yourself for past transgressions is not only freeing but necessary to be able to move on with life and happiness.

Project Reveal
Project Reveal

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