If you are of a certain age, you remember the anticipation of going to rent a movie at Blockbuster Video. There is a new way to bring that nostalgia to your neighborhood thanks to FreeBlockbuster.org.

Photo: free blockbuster.org
Photo: free blockbuster.org

Now, this is a really cool idea. We have several Free Little Pantries and Free Little Libraries in the Evansville area, but what about free movies? That is basically what the Free Blockbuster movement is all about. It's an opportunity to offer free entertainment and bring back the iconic blue and yellow logo.

Start Your Own 'Free Blockbuster' Franchise

If you are interested in starting up a 'Free Blockbuster' you will want to check out  FreeBlockbuster.org. There are some start-up instructions and guidelines. I did check on the limited free boxes, and those are all taken. So, if you want an official Free Blockbuster box it will cost you $429 and the shipping is free. It holds 50 DVD cases or 25 VHS tapes. They also recommend chaining it up or weighing it down, so that no one steals it.

It's ok to refurbish or build your own box too.

You can make your own stencil using these files:

Take a Movie Leave a Movie

This is based on the honor system, so keep that in mind.

  • VHS tapes & DVDs, video games, CDs VCRs, and even DVD players

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Photo: Hope Fussner Haynie's Corner Arts District
Photo: Hope Fussner Haynie's Corner Arts District

Don't Forget the Books - Free Little Libraries

There is nonprofit organization that is working to ensure all children have access to books at home. Millions of books are exchanged every year, thanks to the Little Free Library. Families are able to donate and take books from the Little Free Library, using the honor system.

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