Unless you are balanced challenged like I am, the idea of taking a yoga class with goats (Real ones, not G.O.A.T yogis) sounds like fun. I can totally picture myself mid-sun salutation tipping over into a goat. Blue Heron Farms in Chandler, IN offers Goat Yoga, freshly made goat products, and baby goat experiences.


What to Expect at a Goat Yoga Class

Even if you are an experienced yogi, attempting to do your traditional poses with goats is going to be a bit different. If you have outdoor or certain animal allergies, keep that in mind before you sign up.

The yoga session is about  30-45 minutes of beginner-friendly yoga with Yoga instructor, Kathi Agent. The Blue Heron Farm's goats play around you and possibly on you. They are less interested in learning downward-facing dog.

What You Should Bring to Goat Yoga:

You will need to bring a yoga mat or a large beach towel and water. You are asked to not wear any dangly jewelry, strings, or tassels that the goats might nibble on. You can also leave your goat at home because they will have plenty at the farm! The whole family is welcome to try the yoga poses and hang out with the goats (Ages 9 and up).

After Class Goat Snuggles

You don't have to try and take cute pics while you are trying to perfect sun salutations around the goats. You will have 30 minutes after the workout to get plenty of Instagram-worthy pics. The goats will accept snuggles in exchange for taking their pics LOL.

funny goat puts out its tongue

How to Get Tickets:

Tickets for the Goat Yoga class on Saturday, May 18 are $30 per person. It starts at 2 pm and ends at 3:15 pm.  This includes the class and time to play with the goats after class.

Register at this ticket link www.blueheronfarmindiana.com 
Upon booking you will receive a confirmation email with class details and a release form link.

Blue Heron Farm - About 6 miles East of Evansville, IN
699 N Inderrieden Rd, Chandler, IN 47610

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