Since the very beginning of the idea of creating a way for Evansville Police officers to be able to connect with kids in our community, WKDQ has been there cheering them on. Cops Connecting with Kids goes way beyond what kids see in our news or the violence they see happening in our streets and bring our community closer while bridging the gaps of misunderstanding and misinformation.

Throughout the year, events are planned to encourage kids, in our community, through positive interaction. One of those events is an all-expense-paid trip to Disney World. The money that is made from fundraisers throughout the year pays for the trip. Middle school students are chosen by their schools to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The students chosen are selected by criteria that involve, citizenship, kindness leadership.

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Each police officer that goes on the trip has two students assigned to them and the trio explores the wonder and thrill of the Magic Kingdom. Taylor Marriss, the EPD officer that comes into the studio to talk to the Q Crew every Tuesday morning, is one of the cops that was selected to go. Below is a photo of Taylor (middle), Cymone (left), and Ka’Lyiah (right) as they were getting ready to embark on their journey yesterday.

Taylor Merriss/Facebook
Taylor Merriss/Facebook

Many of these kids have never been to Disney World or experienced anything close to this. The excitement and happiness in amazing to witness. The lives of the cops and the kids are changed forever as they make a lifelong bond of friendship through Mickey Mouse. BTW, Ka’Lyiah turned 14 today (June 29). This a birthday she will never forget.

Taylor Merriss/Facebook
Taylor Merriss/Facebook

Going on the Disney World rides is a first for most of them. If you've been to the magical theme park you know how incredible every ride and attraction is to experience. Well, Cymone was having so much fun riding the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Coaster, that she begged for Jesus to join the fun. HAHA.

I love this so much! You know Jesus was right there enjoying every single minute of her fun.

Follow along on the rest of the Cops Connecting with Kids Disney trip, HERE.

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