Intimacy, Connection and Sex....yep, thats what I said.
Those that read Project Reveal's "intimacy challenge" know the challenge really wasn't about the sex. Instead it is about being aware of your partner and making intimacy a priority. We know that showing someone how much you love them with a kiss, hug or cuddle is important to the relationship. It allows you and your partner to feel more connected on not only a physical level but also on a mental and sometimes even spiritual level.

Here’s our challenge to you – create your own challenge with your partner. Maybe it’s just like ours – 14 days of sex. Maybe it’s 30 days of compliments. Or how about 21 days of touch? But do something; be intentional. Connect with your partner during one of these challenges. If you want, let us know how it went!


I am not advocating for you to have sex 14 days straight. I don't think it will magically give you a healthy relationship. Instead I hope you take away from this something more -- a realization that intimacy is important.

This was a fun challenge where we made sex and intimacy a priorty. If you do something similar it might enable conversations and growth in your relationship that you never imagined possible.

Thanks so much for reading; continue to share the story so we can spread the love.

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