Over the past couple of weeks we've been asking listeners to submit a story about their "Rad Dad" for a chance to win some great Father's Day prizes. We want to share some of our favorites. This submission comes from Wes.

My Dad is technically my "step dad". But if there was a soul mate for Dad's, he's it. My biological father is not around, my true Dad has been there for me since I was 2. He married my Mom when I was 2 and they had my brother and my sister while together. We went though losing my little brother at the age of 7 to a brain tumor on Valentine's Day and somehow Mom and Dad were still able to provide us with a wonderful childhood. They are no longer together, but he is still my Dad and luckily for me I never missed out on having a father figure and he made me who I am today. I'm truly blessed. :)


We really appreciate Wes's submission and although he didn't win the grand prize, we still want to hook him up with a $20 gift certificate from Sport Clips.

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