COVID-19 canceled pretty much every event last year. So far, it might just be postponing 2021 events. According to the Henderson Tri-Fest Facebook page, this year's event will not be happening in April. They will continue to monitor COVID-19 conditions, and may have a weekend planned this fall. This isn't sitting well with everyone on social media.

"This bullcrap bc we just need to live are best life and if we get sick just stay home that's why people travel bc there taken everything away from us and want to know why the level keep going up bc people is tired of staying stuck in their homes and town" - Susan Stone

"Make everyone wear a mask if they don't have a mask on they can't get food or rides and gloves too at least people can enjoy themselves no gloves no mask no service simple as that." - Delaina Dawn

"Why not just have it and let the people come who want to come? " - Amanda Nicole James


At this time, Tri Fest 2021 is not happening the weekend of April 16-18. We are looking at dates for the fall. We will be having Tri Fest 2022 the weekend of April 22-24, as Easter is the third weekend next year. Thank you for your understanding.

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Over the past 24 years the Breakfast Lions Club has been able to donate over $500,000 to local groups, not to mention the many organizations that have raised thousands of dollars from food sales and events such as the 5K, poker run, bike ride, and corn hole.

The food, rides and entertainment are just some of the activities that traditionally draw families and friends to historic downtown Henderson in April. Breakfast Lions Club Tri-Fest allows everyone to break out of the winter cabin fever and provides food, fellowship and fun for every member of the community.

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