If you love the new My105.3 as much as we do, we want you to tell the world about it...or at least tell the Tri-State. Put us on your business's sign for a chance to win free advertising on My105.3!

Here's what we need you to do. If your business has some sort of marquee or sign, electric or otherwise, we want you to change the message to say how much you love our radio station. Something like..."MY favorite radio station is My105.3 WJLT"...or "We made the switch to the new My105.3 WJLT"...or "Listen to the new My105.3 WJLT". Of course your sign doesn't have to say that verbatim, but something along those lines. We want you to help us get the word out about the best new radio station in town!

Once you've changed your sign, take a picture of it and submit your picture through the form below. If your business has more than one location and you change all your signs, that means you get additional entries.

If your business doesn't have a sign but you still want to be a part of the contest, here's what we need you to do. Get creative...make some sort of sign that can be displayed at your business, or spread the word on social media. Maybe change your Facebook cover image to say something about My105.3. Take a picture of your homemade sign, or a screen grab of your Facebook page and then submit it.

You have until February 28th to submit your picture(s). Then we will draw three winners. The first winner receives $3,000 in advertising, the second winner gets $2,000 and the third winner gets $1,000.

*Advertising prize may not be used to pay for an existing credit.

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