This is the busiest time of the year for Santa's elves. They are making sure everyone's Christmas wishes are ready for Santa. But first, they have to open every letter sent to the post office in Santa Claus, IN.

There is a very special way to make sure that your letters get to Santa and to actually get a letter from Santa. Our friends in Downtown Evansville have a magical mailbox that is only for letters to Santa.

Help your kiddos write their letter, make sure you check it twice! Be sure to include your return address so that Santa can send a letter to you. You don't even need to use a postage stamp for this magical mailbox.

Letter Deadline

This is the very important part - Your letters need to be in the special mailbox by December 15, 2021. Santa and his elves will open every letter and respond to them. If you have already dropped your letter into the magical mailbox, watch for a letter from Santa Claus!

You can find the special mailbox in Downtown Evansville at 3rd Street and Main Street. While you are downtown, you should check out some of our awesome local shops and restaurants.

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Letters to Santa are on their way to Santa Claus, Indiana! If you haven’t placed your letter in the mailbox at 3rd & Main there’s still time. All letters should be placed in the mailbox by December 15 in order to ensure a response from Santa’s elves by Christmas. Please note, a stamp is not required.

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