Hannibal is a great place to live and visit and it seems that people are always happy with smiles on their faces. In fact, there is not a Missouri town that I have visited where the residents seem unhappy to be there, but I can say the same for this Missouri city which was just named one of the saddest cities in Missouri.

A high crime rate, high unemployment, and high poverty rate are what land this Missouri city on the list. Wait for it...


According to travel.alot.com they say that Springfield makes this list because

Springfield, Missouri is a very “meh” city. It sits right smack in the middle of the road in most categories. Supportive Relationships, however, is at the bottom of the barrel. Unless you’re looking for a bland city with a bunch of isolated neighbors, this is not a city you want to live in.


I would think Springfield would be on the Happiest City List because of the closest to Brandon and the lake, but maybe those who live there can't do all the fun things that both cities have to offer. Who knows the reason? I've only passed through Springlefeld once and it seemed like an OK place to be, but like I said it was just one time, I am sure those who live there know the city much more than someone who is just passing through to get to the lake or Branson.

Other cities on the sad list include,

  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Buffalo, New York
  • Scranton, Pennsylvania (I want to visit all of The Office filming locations)

By the way, there is neither a Missouri nor Illinois city that makes the Happiest City List.

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