Whether you’re hosting a Big Game party this Sunday or just watching the game with your family and friends, here’s some of the most popular Super Bowl Foods (recipes) in the Tri-State and beyond!   

According to another study at Today.com, here's some popular SB foods:

  • (10) Ribs
  •  (9)  Buffalo Chicken Dip
  •  (8)  Football Cookies
  •  (7)  Spinach Artichoke Dip
  •  (6)  Pizza
  •  (5)  Beer Cocktails
  •  (4)  Pigs in Blanket
  •  (3)  Chili
  •  (2)  Guacamole
  •  (1) Chicken Wings

Personally, I want to grill some wings this Sunday since the weather should be pretty decent.  I'm also gonna make the #2 most popular SB food (Today.com) - my own homemade fresh guacamole with some tortilla chips, probably have a veggie tray, and who knows what else! lol.  What will you be chowing down during the Big Game?

Have a great super weekend.  Let's Go Chiefs!

Source:  Today.com, Today in Sports on Twitter

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