The last time that I actually saw a live concert in person was in January of 2020. There's a good chance you have the blues from the pandemic, and you are ready for concerts like I am. Is it possible that the blues could cure the blues? The answer is YES! Grammy Award-Winning group Blues Traveler will be live in concert at the Victory Theatre Tuesday, September 21, 2021.

You can win tickets this week at 7 AM during 'The Most Totally Awesome Radio Contest'. We are playing Who Googled it? Caller five will have the chance to guess who googled a random fact - Bobby or Liberty.

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It's been a few years since their last album was released. But that new music dry spell is almost over, as the guys will release a new full-length album on July 30, 2021. The new album is titled Traveler’s Blues, and it is the type of music Blues Traveler has always wanted to perfect.

Guitarist Chan Kinchla said, “Blues Traveler is not just a band; it’s a lifestyle. Blues Traveler is our life’s work. It’s enabled us to do so many other things. This little tribe we built in New York during the late eighties has survived all the way through—plus or minus some dearly departed brothers and sisters. It’s empowered us to be creative, make people happy, and travel around spreading some good vibes. The longer we do it, the more we like it. Now, people know we can actually play the … blues too.”

Tickets may be purchased at Ford Center Ticket Office (Across from Victory Theatre) or by phone at 800-745- 3000

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