Freckles bring a youthful look to a face. I absolutely adore my freckles and I count my lucky stars that I have them. In the summer they multiply and I feel sun-kissed all season long.
For those who lack a sun-kissed face but don't want the sun exposure needed to get one, you can now get your hands on fake freckles with Faux Freckles. 


The 'freckles' take the form of adhesive sheets which quite literally print a smattering of faux spots directly onto your face. In 30 seconds you can have sweet freckles. WHAT?!?!?!  I guess if you want something, why not go get it :)

I ain't mad at ya - I don't have natural blonde hair and I went out and got it sooooo do what makes you happy.

Beauty trends crack me up...I doubt this one will last very long.

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