I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. Have you ever felt like you were meant to witness an exchange between strangers that really resonated with you? A Newburgh woman recently saw an act of kindness at Schnucks that moved her to tears. Now, this would be amazing even if no one had seen it happen, but once I tell you about Donna, you'll see why she was meant to be in that grocery line.

Donna Grant has been the caretaker for her father, who is a disabled veteran, since 2014. His name is Donnie Layton, and he was in the Army, stationed in Vietnam.

He stayed in the car as she ran in to grab some groceries at the Newburgh Schnuck's located in the Bell Oaks Shopping Center. What she witnessed in the checkout lane sent her to her car with tears. Not sad tears, but tears of appreciation. Here's what she had to say;

I just witnessed the most beautiful act of giving. I don’t know who the GM is at Schnucks in Newburgh but he was at the register behind me checking out customers this afternoon and I heard him tell his customer that his bill was taken care of. I turned around and the elderly gentleman was in a wheelchair, by himself with a veteran hat on. The man was confused and the GM said “I’m paying your bill today, thank you for your service.” Literally brought tears to my eyes. I’m so thankful for people who recognize our veterans and what they mean to our country. I thanked him for having such a kind heart. Schnuck's management, you're doing it right . Thank you. - Donna

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See what I mean? Donna was meant to see that interaction. I reached out to her and she had this to add;

To see such kindness and respect touched my heart because it could have been my dad in that wheelchair  I went out to my car and cried!

Donna Grant
Donna Grant

Cathy Smith works at Schnucks, and she confirmed that it was their District Manager that took care of the grocery bill.

"I work there and witnessed this as well. He is truly such a good person! We are very lucky to work with him. His name is Steve and is our district manager."

Jennifer Brown was also working and helped the veteran at the deli.

"He was a Purple Heart recipient. I waited on him in the deli. Pretty emotional."

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