Darmstadt, we hear you! You're your own town, and you deserve to be recognized as such. A couple weeks ago the town of Darmstadt took to Facebook, to discuss some misconceptions.  It turns out a lot of people thought Darmstadt was a neighborhood in Evansville, like McCutchanville, or DogTown.  But no! In fact Darmstadt is it's own municipality.  Now there's merch you can rock to show that your hometown is Darmstadt and NOT Evansville.

Here's the statement from the official Town of Darmstadt Facebook page:

It's crazy that after 47 years, we still have to convince people that we are in fact a REAL TOWN. :) Yes, if you live in the Darmstadt Town Limits, you live in DARMSTADT, INDIANA. NOT, Evansville, Indiana, that's a different city, and their city limits are a few miles away from us, with a different government and they levy their own taxes. Don't confuse where your mail comes from with where your property is located. :)
There are ONLY 2 municipalities in Vanderburgh County: Evansville & Darmstadt. THAT'S IT! Everything else are 'areas, neighborhoods & communities'. For example: McCutchanville, St Joseph, St Wendel, DogTown, Daylight, Earle, etc.... those are Neighborhoods out in the County, NOT MUNICIPALITIES. They don't levy property taxes or have to maintain their infrastructure and roads. :) Hope that makes everything clear as mud! HOMETOWN PROUD! DARMSTADT, INDIANA!

If you're interested in showing off your Darmstadt hometown pride, check out the #NotEvansville shirt, here.


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