Netflix is no stranger to putting out fantastic documentaries.  While they have documentaries in all genres, it seems their true crime documentaries are truly Netflix's bread and butter.  With hit documentaries like Making a Murderer, Tiger King, Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, and more, they're always on the cutting edge of true-crime series.  Their most recent documentary though had me shocked when I heard about it.

Canva/ Netflix on YouTube
Canva/ Netflix on YouTube
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Our Father

Coming out in May is a Netflix documentary called Our Father, and being from Indiana, I was shocked I hadn't heard of this story before.  The premise of the documentary is around a fertility doctor based in Indianapolis who used his own sperm to inseminate women without their knowledge or the women's consent.  This resulted in him being the biological father of at least dozens of children.


Here's what Netflix says about the documentary:

Our Father tells the story of Jacoba Ballard and her half-siblings — over 50 people in total — who discovered that they were all paternally related through Donald Cline, a former fertility doctor in Indianapolis. The doc follows the criminal investigation into Cline’s actions, his possible motives and the compounding impact of his lies and abuse. It also examines the legalities around fertility fraud and how the newfound accessibility in genealogy testing, through companies like 23andMe, has uncovered more stories like Cline’s.

Could you imagine taking a simple 23andMe test to learn more about yourself, and getting a ton of hits for close relatives you've never even heard of? I can't even imagine what this has been like for these families. Especially when they have had to tell loving fathers that their children weren't biologically theirs.  I just can't even imagine what this has been like for these families.

Thankfully, Donald Cline is no longer in practice after retiring in 2009.

Check out the trailer for Our Father below, it starts streaming on Netflix on May 11th.

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