As we close out our fifth week on air, I want to say, "Thank you!" I am so grateful LaDonne and Chad (the big dogs) thought of me for the role of co-host of the "My Morning Show."

I am grateful that Leslie Morgan saw something in me years ago and told me she believed in me and knew I would do great things. She invited me to come back to her show to share about Project Reveal, and in time I became a fixed part of the WKDQ Wednesday show for two hours each week.

Leslie Morgan

The first two to three weeks were bumpy on the My Morning Show. Bobby and I knew each other before the show but not very well. And it takes time to get comfortable with each other. We are learning each others quirks and personalities, and for me, which buttons to push so I can irritate him. :) It has taken me a few weeks to reign myself in a bit, find my place in our partnership and more importantly not talk for 11 minutes in one break. Yea - sorry about that!

Our mission is to serve the community. We do that by giving local organizations a platform to share their events and missions, playing songs to jam out to in the car and hopefully making you laugh. We will continue to share our personal stories and opinions, and maybe you will agree and maybe you won't, but that's the beauty of it all.

Thank you to my amazing husband for taking care of all the morning parenting duties. I don't know what I did to deserve him.


Bobby G is a great partner, and I can't wait to see how the show moves forward! I wouldn't want to do this with anyone else.

I also want to thank baby Jesus that I have not cussed on air, and I pray I never will :)

#gratefulformytalentsThank you for listening to the My Morning Show!


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