October 15th was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Project Reveal has published two beautiful stories of mothers telling their story of their infant/pregnancy loss.

Season Two of Project Reveal brought us "Losing a Child: Celebrating the young lives we have lost" (49 minutes)

We celebrate the spirit to try again in the face of painful odds and the power of presence in a dark time. There is a circle of women who have redeemed their own loss and pain by serving others with programs of comfort.
We celebrate the willingness and skill of those who serve these broken-hearted families — chaplains, nurses, bereavement experts and facilitators. There’s so much good, hope and… courage that has come out of all that unbearable pain.
In memory of:
Ethan Joseph Tarter, Madelynn Rose Hendricks, Ellison Kate Hendricks, Kimberly Freihaut, Ethan Knight, Logan Knight
Thank you: Kelsie Tarter, April Hendricks, John and Dani Knight and Sally Freihaut

We honor this day with a beautiful story of a women remembering her infant loss from 30 years ago in "Be Kind To Yourself: Guilt In a Time of Loss"


I wasn’t 100 percent convinced I was ready for a baby when I got pregnant with Jennifer. So when I learned my baby would be born an angel the day before she was scheduled to join our once happy family; the pain was overwhelming.

I wondered, “What if I’d wanted her more? Could I have done something different to have kept her here?”

While I spent years struggling with that guilt and those questions my precious son had some questions of his own. Read more 

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