I love working out with my kiddos! I have been taking them to a big parking lot to ride their bikes and I work out while they play. (We have a sloped driveway and we don't let them ride around by our house -- it's a busy road.)

It's important to me for my kiddos to be physically active. They are kids and I am a big kid so we HAVE to have fun doing it!  Here is what we do...

They ride their bikes while I do my work out.
Mommy Workout
4 rounds
20 meter overhead lunges - 25lb plate
20 alternating hand kettle bell snatches
20 meter overhead lunges
30 double unders
Chase them around while they ride bikes trying to catch them until I can't run anymore.

Then we set up our Obstacle Course and race around.
Kids are on their bike and I am on the scooter...
5 rounds:
1. Start at weights
2. Ride around kettle bell
3. Park bike at the chair and run to the nerf guns
4. Shoot the kettle bell 5 times - run to the swords
5.12 sword hits - run to get your bike and go back to the start

Jude running to the next station
Jude running to the next station

BOOM! We all got a great work out in and more importantly we laughed and played together for a few hours!

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