There are a plethora of causes that are worthy of our time, attention, and money - you don't have to look too long or hard to find a nonprofit organization asking for donations. One cause that gets a lot of attention is cancer, whether it's for research, treatment, granting wishes, supporting families, etc - and breast cancer, in particular, is one sub-category that we see a lot of fundraisers for.

One of the struggles of any nonprofit organization, especially one that is cancer-related, is standing out in a crowd. Getting folks to remember you, and coming up with unique fundraising opportunities is so important. I can tell you that you are about to see a very memorable group of ladies and a very successful fundraiser.


Meet the MOMbies

The MOMbies are a group of women (moms) who come together with the common goal of raising awareness and money for metastatic breast cancer research. They do that by dressing up like mummies and performing amazing choreographed dance routines for anyone who will watch them - and LOTS of people have watched them. According to, their videos have been seen by millions, and their efforts have raised over $115,000.

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I learned about the MOMbies when I saw a clip of their latest video - a routine to the 1982 Halloween classic "Thriller." I love everything about it, and what's not to love? The way they filmed it looks awesome, and the choreography and the performance are so good. And it gets even better as you examine the MOMbies a little closer. Check out all of the different kinds of zombies represented - there's a zombie nun, a zombie soldier, a zombie cheerleader, a zombie doctor, a zombie tennis player, and a bunch more.

Good for you, MOMbies! I love that you are willing to step out of your comfort zone to do something so fun and memorable for the cause that you believe in. I personally would love to see the MOMbies movement expand into other cities, like here in the Tri-State. Who's with me?

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