October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so you know we have to have a chat with our friends from the Evansville Tri-State affiliate of Susan G. Komen. We spoke with the two Rachels...that would be Development Manager, Rachel Smith, and Office Manager/Komen Cares Program Manager, Rachael Sherwood.

Rachel and Rachael gave us an update following the 2020 More Than Pink Walk, and tell us how you can still be a part of that event and help raise some much-needed funds before the end of October. We also get a little about an upcoming auction in November (more details to come).

We also spent a little time talking about one of Susan G. Komen's most important programs - Komen Cares. The direct services program "helps to alleviate the non-medical financial burden that many breast cancer patients experience as they undergo cancer treatments." Battling cancer and going through treatment is enough of a challenge - the last thing anyone needs is the additional stress of trying to cover bills, or feed your family, or simply putting gas in your car. So you can see how important this program is. Perhaps you know someone that needs the services provided by Komen Cares, maybe YOU are that someone. Here's where you can find more Komen Cares information, and you can always reach out to the program's manager, Rachael Sherwood.

Please take a few minutes to listen to our conversation with Rachel and Rachael, and please consider helping Susan G. Komen in any way you can. And if you have friends or family that are fighting cancer, or have already beaten it, maybe reach out to them with an encouraging word during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Susan G. Komen Update from Rachel and Rachael

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