The Tri-State Better Business Bureau provides a number services in the Evansville area, for both business owners and their customers. The BBB has not gotten a break during the coronavirus pandemic. As we've seen, far too often, scammers love nothing more than a crisis or emergency situation. Thankfully, the BBB is on top of things and does a great job of keeping the public aware of new scams and how to avoid them. Their Scam Tracker is a great tool for this - it also allows you to report a possible scam.

Oana Schneider is the Director of Media Services for the Tri-State Better Business Bureau, and she was our guest recently on the MY Morning Show. I think it's definitely worth your time to listen to our interview about scams during our current pandemic.

As important as it is, we didn't talk business the entire time - we had to have some fun with her too. So we asked her to play a round of This or That with us. It's a simple, and often silly, little game/exercise in which we ask a handful of questions and make our guest choose one answer and then tell us why. These aren't hard-hitting, deep-diving, personal questions - they're just fun, lighthearted questions that give us a quick peak into what they are like in 'real' life. For example, do you think Oana prefers pancakes or waffles? Just listen and you'll find out!

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