This week we played This or That with Clay Prindle - it was the second time around for the Children's Museum of Evansville's Marketing & Communications Manager. Clay is one of our favorites and we knew this would be a good episode. Clay is in the perfect place at cMoe, because I think of him as a big kid, and I mean that as the highest compliment. He is so knowledgeable about all different aspects of pop culture - he knows what he likes and he's able to articulate why.

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When it came to coming up with This or That questions for Clay, Liberty and I knew we had to bring it. One of the toughest questions we asked had to do with Disney movies - Toy Story to be exact. Clay is an uber-fan, so how do you think he would handle having to choose between Toy Story and Toy Story 3?

We also talk to Clay about professional wrestling, collecting toys and whether or not to play with them, and the perfect dessert. Our final question for Clay is a weird one, and Clay's response and the conversation that follows gives me more joy than just about any other This or That question in recent memory. I won't give it all away, I'll just say it has to do with two of the most unique characters on the TV show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If you're a fan of the show, I guarantee you'll have your own thoughts, and you'll get a kick out of that part of the interview. Take a listen below...

This or That with cMOe's Clay Prindle

Disney Copy Cat Recipe: Woody's Lunchbox Grilled 3 Cheese Sandwich

We are going to make the Grilled Three-Cheese sandwich, found at Woody's Toy Box in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios. 

Cops Connecting with Kids 2021 Disney Trip

The mission of Cops Connecting with Kids Inc. is to build positive relationships between members of the law enforcement profession and the youth in their local communities, through open and honest channels of communication, mentorship, and connectivity.

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