For those of us landlocked here in Indiana, a trip to the beach is always on our wishlist over summer break. Do your summer 2024 plans include a trip to the beach? What if I said you could visit the beach, just about any time you wanted to, without ever leaving Evansville, Indiana? It's true - all you need to do is head downtown.

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The Koch Family Children's Museum of Evansville (cMoe) announced the return of the 5th Street Beach, this summer. The beach will be located directly in front of cMoe, on 5th Street, and will be open to the public from May 30, 2024, through July 20, 2024.

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The 5th Street Beach gives visitors the chance to dig their feet into the sand or perhaps build a sandcastle, or do nothing and just relax in the summer sun. During normal museum hours, the beach and the surrounding area will have toys, beach chairs and umbrellas, outdoor games, sprinklers, and more.

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Erica Schmidt, cMoe's new Executive Director, explains why the beach is so important to Evansville...

We have so many children and families that really look forward to having fun at our beach. Some kids are experiencing playing in sand for the first time, and there are many families who take staycations by enjoying local activities in the community.
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So ditch the long drives and expensive plane tickets! The 5th Street Beach at cMoe is the perfect staycation destination for Evansville families this summer. Don't miss out on this free, sandy fun for all ages – head down to 5th Street and soak up some rays!

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