Dan Hait started MayDay Festival 8 years ago as a way to create projects together and showcase them at an event. He studied radio and television at USI and worked on a tv show on campus. Dan is the sound producer for Project Reveal's television series which airs on PBS/WNIN. 

Here is the final schedule for this year's film festival. The theaters may change on the rooms, but the play times will stay the same! We will have everything set and ready at the event! Any questions about the schedule, please feel free to ask! Thanks and hope to see you at MayDay! -Mayday Film Fest

Showplace Cinemas South
Cost: $5
Friday, May 19th

-Theater 1-
A Lotta Life- 14m
Out of My Mind- 16m
Man Throws Stick- 20m
Lattie- 45m

-Theater 2-
South Coast- 5m
What the Hell!- 4m
A Job Interview- 8m
Heaven Kid- 11m
Escapes- 90m

-Theater 1-
Posi-Traction- 5m
Wilhelm’s Video- 19m
Between the Grooves- The Vinyl Resurgence- 25m

-Theater 2- 
The Butterfly- 26m
The Dabbler Man- 22m
Soft Blue- 4m
Four Postcards to Marta- 10m
Short Distance- 60m

Saturday, May 20th

-Theater 1- 
The Realist- 23m
Does a Bear Need Many Glasses?- 9m
Caïssa- 8m
Tuned In- 13m
Greed- 48m

-Theater 2- 
The Computer Man- 6m
Cold Air- 23m
Night of the Shadow People - 90m

-Theater 3- 
The Worst of Movie Madness w/Dr. Praxis- 26m
The Bowling Green Massacre- 8m
Species Survival Plan- 5m
I Almost Married a Man from Outer Space- 4m
Submerge: Ni’re Reborn- 43m
The House at the End of the World- 11m

-Theater 1-
In the End- 12m
The Suitor- 12m
A Lotta Life- 14m
Man Throws Stick- 20m
Lattie- 45m

-Theater 2-
Bring me Out the Dark (Music Video)- 4m
Travelers Bones (Music Video)- 4m
Home for the Holidays- 9m
Sanctuary- 8m
Between the Grooves- The Vinyl Resurgence- 10m
Behind the Woods and Across the Sea- 35m

-Theater 3-
Blackout- 12m
Mushroom Clouds- 19m
Superwomen- 7m
The Serene Heartache- 16m
Voiceless Voices- 13m
Devout- 40m

-Theater 1-
Christopher Darling- 75m
Connected- 22m
Hazard- 10m

-Theater 2-
Depression- 13m
HP Lovecraft’s Beast in The Cave- 7m
The Things We’ve Seen- 85m

-Theater 3-
Jenkins’ Choice- 26m
Posi-Traction- 5m
Born Again- 7m
Behind the Woods and Across the Sea- 35m

-Theater 1-
Prisoner of Perdition- 23m
Butcher the Bakers- 94m

-Theater 2-
Why Did We Make This: Short Film Roast w/ Gavin Eddings- 45m

MayDay Hall of Fame Inductee Cindy Maples!

Out of My Mind- 16m

-Theater 1-
Volumes of Blood 2: Horror Stories- 120m

-Theater 2-
The First Date- 5m
The Movie that wasn’t meant to be Made- 115m

Award Ceremony

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