When times are uncertain, confusing and scary - like they definitely are now - it's really easy to get down in the dumps. When people are taken out of their routines, when they can't see their family and friends, when they are isolated from society, depression and dark thoughts can easily creep into your mind.

That's why we feel it is so important to do our best to entertain you. Sure, we will continue to share important news and information, but we also want to give you a bit of a diversion from the coronavirus world we currently live in. One tried and true way to lift spirits is with great music! Music, unlike anything else, can instantly get you out of a funk and put a smile on your face. It allows you to shut out all other distractions at least for a few minutes at a time.

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So, we asked our friends to tell us on Facebook what their go to pick-me-up songs are. It's different for everyone, right? I love seeing all of the variety from our awesome listeners. We took all of YOUR songs and created an uplifting, toe-tapping playlist. You're gonna hear it all...pop, rock, R&B, country, disco and oldies. It's awesome, and I hope it continues to grow! PLEASE don't hesitate to share your song with us and I'll add it to the list. And PLEASE feel free to share the playlist. I think we all can use a bunch of feel good, pick-me-up music right about now, don't you?

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