Sooooo many great requests this week! I played as many as I could, but there were a bunch of leftovers. They include Beastie Boys, Everclear, Fall Out Boy, Flobots and more!  Here they are!

The My Friday Favorites request hour is every Friday at 7am. Leave your request on the My105.3 Facebook page, or call us at 812-421-1117.

Love Shack for Jeremy

Shoop for Jessica

Handlebars for Andy

No Sleep Til Brooklyn for (a different) Andy

Wonderful for Dan

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark for Troy

Eternal Flame for Eric

I Try for Zallie

Bittersweet Symphony for Keely

November Rain for Shannon

I Think I'm In Love for Amanda

Bye, Bye, Bye for Justin

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go for Cody

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