I'm usually not very good at keeping a secret. Last summer, we were sworn to secrecy about an amazing contest that our stations were putting together. Of course, the pandemic made us put a pin in the plans. There was just no way to host this super-fun contest with COVID restrictions. So, I tried to forget about it, until I could actually share it with you!

Now that the cat is out of the bag about The Great Cheetah Chase Race, we are getting qualifiers every day. The first thing you need to know about this contest is that you will get to ride the Cheetah Chase with your selected teammates. Take a minute and watch how the ride is launched, and how wet you can expect to get.

And now it's Bobby's turn!

Okay, how much fun is that?! The boat in the other lane will be another team, and the goal is to be the last team standing, to win The Great Cheetah Chase Race! Daily qualifiers receive 3 passes to get into Holiday World & Splashin' Safari Saturday, June 19, 2021 (Non-transferrable), and a case of Mt. Dew.

The grand prize is a brand new Puma Ultra Lite 16 QBX camper from Owensboro RV, 3 Season Passes to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari, and Mt. Dew for a year.

Cheetah Chase Launched Water Coaster Facts:

  • Height limit: 42” to ride with a supervising companion; 48” to ride alone
  • Guests wearing neck braces, full arm casts that cover the elbow, or full leg casts that cover the knee may not ride.
  • This attraction is not recommended for Guests who have high blood pressure, back or neck condition, recent surgery, injury, or illness, are pregnant, prone to motion sickness or dizziness, heart condition, or a fear of heights.

2021 Palomino Puma Ultra Lite 16QBX

Townsquare Media Evansville/Owensboro is teaming up with Holiday World & Splashin' Safari, Owensboro Rv and Mountain Dew for an exciting new contest called The Great Cheetah Chase. The grand prize is three season passes to Holiday World, a year's supply of Mountain Dew and this incredible 2021 Palomino Puma Ultra Lite 16QBX.

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