No need to buy toys and play with them...just watch YouTube. (rolling my eyes)

My kids: Alex (3), Jude (6), Reid (3), Jillian (3)

There is a semi-new phenomenon of YouTube videos of kids playing with toys, opening toys and families playing games. LITERALLY, it's hands on the screen opening toys and talking about the features of the toy. It's mind-numbingly boring. But kids go ga-ga over them. And not just mine. It's a phenomenon that all my mom friends see. need to play with toys, or build legos -- just watch other people do them. THIS IS NUTS ! We give our kids screen time, and often they use it by laying on the couch watching other kids play with nerf guns... which is quite motivating for me to get them off of their screens and GO PLAY WITH YOUR OWN NERF GUNS.

Hey -- if my kids want to watch other kids play with toys, whatever, they can do what they want.... I just think it's weird. P.S. These videos have MILLIONS of views and subscribers and make MILLIONS of dollars doing it. So, good for them I guess!


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