Usually, the worst decisions are made very late on a Friday night. But we recently had one of those impulsive moments, and it led us to rescue our sweet Harlie! We've been talking about adding a dog to our family for years, but Doug had some very specific requirements : It had to be a female Boxer, not a puppy, potty trained, and good with kids. Mission Impossible. So, I look through the adoptable pets every once in a while, but hadn't found anything until a week and a half ago. I was looking through the dogs at It Takes A Village, since they were making room for the hurricane rescues, and there she was!

Chase walking Harlie for the first time. Photo by Liberty

Harlie, a 4 year old female Boxer that loves kids! I showed it to Doug & Chase and they both really liked her. After Chase went to bed, we talked about it some more. It was really late at this point. Doug told me to just see if she's even still there, so I messaged Missy Mosby around 1am (Sorry) I also filled out the online application. Missy arranged for us to meet miss Harlie, because she was with a foster. As soon as Chase woke up, he wanted to know if we could get our dog today. I was like, well, we are going to meet her & see. Meanwhile, Doug thought the whole dog conversation was a dream LOL!!

Harlie made herself at home the first day. Photo by Liberty

It was love at first site for Chase! We could not have found a more perfect dog for our family. She's so loveable and listens. Her backstory is really tragic. Someone that used to have her put out cigarettes on her head :( Who does that to any living thing?? So, if you are looking to add a furbaby to your home, just wait until the time is right, and you'll find her (Or him)

First Family pic. Photo by Missy Mosby