Two friends from Hopkins County, Kentucky are winning everyone's heart on social media with their recent photo shoot.

Skyler Ipock and Aaron Brothers have been friends for several years. They currently work together in the coal mines. One day, they decided that they wanted to do something to give people on social media a break from all of the negative stuff going on in the world. What they did, was certainly a much needed distraction...and laugh.

The two reached out to their friend Cecily from Cecily Pierson Photography in Madisonville. They had seen photos from one of Cecily's  girls best friend shoot at a pool. The idea was to do a funny "Dudeoir" session at the same pool. Rather than wearing lingerie, they came dressed up in their finest cut-off bibs and Crocs along with every country boy's favorite beer, Busch Light.

Cecily said, "They may or may not have left the session completely intoxicated, but it was an absolute blast. Our faces hurt from laughing so hard."

I can only imagine all the fun that occurred behind the scenes during this photo shoot. Based off of the photos alone, I can tell that it was nothing short of hilarious. The internet thinks so too! Arron believes he knows why it's been such a hit. He said, "I mean who doesn’t love fats guys cut off bibs an Crocs?" As one of "those guys", I have to agree. Next time, I need an invite. I'd fit right in with my Crocs, clothes, and bod! 

I also figured, who better to do a little commentary on these photos than our very own, Leslie Morgan. So, check out the photo shoot and enjoy Leslie's comments!

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Hopkins County Friends Break Internet With Hilarious Photo Shoot



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