In honor of National Siblings Day, Bobby and Stacey want to introduce you their amazing siblings. Meet Bobby's sister Marianne and Stacey's brothers Justin and Matt.

I consider myself extremely lucky - actually blessed - to have a sibling that I get along with so well. On this National Siblings Day I wanted you to get to meet my big sister Marianne!
My sister is awesome! I love her so much and I'm so very proud of her! We certainly had our moments (more like years) where we maybe didn't get along so well and we loved to irritate each other (ask Marianne about the Heimlich maneuver and the "pool" incident). We spent a lot of time together in college, in fact we were actually roommates for a few years. And as we got older we really grew to be great friends.

I've seen how a bad sibling relationship can really destroy a family, and I'm so glad that MJ (I call her Mary Jane) are so close. We always have a blast when our families get together.

Stacey, Justin and Matt

I am so grateful for my brothers Justin and Matt. One of the things I love about myself is that I am a sister to two brothers. They taught me the finer lessons in life, like -- how to run really fast after you make your older brother mad, how to defend myself in a wrestling match, how to be great at retrieving all the balls in the ditch while the guys play home-run derby. (It's cool guys, I didn't want to play anyway)

Justin makes me feel protected and loved.  When we were young, we went through a tough time with our biological father not being around and then a weird time for a young kid when our mom met and married my amazing dad.
We did it together. We fought like cats and dogs but for that and and so many other reasons, our love runs deep.

Matt gave me purpose as a young girl. I was 10 when he was born and I became an instant mini-mom. I fed him, changed him, played with him and eventually babysat him and I loved every second of it. I adored him and still do.
I love them both dearly -- Happy National Siblings Day!

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